Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Communiqué No 1 of 2020 – FSA Statement regarding COVID-19

The Financial Services Authority (“FSA”) is continuously monitoring the COVID‐19 outbreak and its effects on its operations as well as on the operations of the different licensees, market participants and sectors under its...

Acceptance of Notice of Intent to become an Approved Service Provider

The Financial Services Authority (“the Authority”), would like to notify the general public of its acceptance of notice for outsourcing of...

Circular No 3 of 2020 – Assessment of AML/CFT controls of licensees

This Circular is being issued to licensees under the International Corporate Service Providers Act, 2003, Securities Act, 2007, Insurance Act, 2008, Mutual Fund and Hedge Fund Act, 2008 (Fund Administrators only) and the...

Circular No 2 of 2020 – Certificate of Approval of employees under the Seychelles Gambling Act

This Circular is being issued to all licensees under the Seychelles Gambling Act, 2014 (“the Act”) following the enactment of the...

Circular No 1 of 2020 – Policy decision in relation to Outsourcing of Compliance Function

This Circular is being issued to all licensees under the Securities Act, 2007 and the Mutual Fund and Hedge Fund Act,...

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): Support for Licensees

The Financial Services Authority (“FSA”) would like to inform all its licensees and other stakeholders that it has initiated its Business Continuity Plan (“BCP”) protocols...

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): Support for Consumers

The Financial Services Authority (“FSA”) remains vigilant amidst the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation and implementing precautionary measures to make sure consumers are protected.

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