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Mascot Design Competition

National Financial Education Strategy

Mascot Design Competition Guidelines


The CBS and FSA is calling upon any Seychellois interested in designing a mascot to represent the face of the National Financial Education Strategy project. The aim of the strategy is to improve the level of financial capability of the Seychellois. The strategy encourages and enables people to take responsibility for their own financial well-being by giving them tools to better manage their personal finances. The four main target segment of the strategy are;

  1. Adults in formal workplace
  2. MSME, farmers and fishermen
  3. Youth
  4. The socially and financially vulnerable (youth and adults)

The winning mascot design will be used for all projects and activities to be implemented as part of the National Financial Education Strategy.

The competition will open as of August 31, 2018 and will close on October 12, 2018.


This contest is open to Seychelles’ residents on an individual basis, and there is no age limit. Each participant may submit two entries.


The judging panel will comprise of a sub-committee made up of representatives from the Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS) and the Financial Services Authority (FSA), as well as external judges.


The winning mascot will receive a cash prize of twenty thousand Seychelles Rupees (SCR20,000). The winner will be informed directly by the National Financial Education Secretariat via telephone and/or email and invited to receive the prize.


Download and complete the Mascot Design Competition Entry Form available on both the CBS and FSA website or collect a hard copy of the form at the CBS or FSA reception desk.

Click here to download the application form

Submission of the form should be done before the September 14, 2018 at CBS’ reception area or by sending the form to:


After registrations, applicants have until October 12, 2018 to submit their mascot design to:


Submissions after 23:59 hours on October 12, 2018 will not be considered.


Participants are required to submit:

  1. TWO copies of the designs of the mascot ONE in black and white, ONE in colour.

 They should be in the form of a Transparent Image in PNG format

 Dimensions should be 2270 x 2270 pixels

 Size of the document in PNG format should not exceed 4MB (i.e. maximum size of 2MB each)

  1. The name of the mascot;
  2. A description of the mascot design and how it related to financial education.


(a) By entering this competition the participant understands he/she will be required to assign the ownership of copyright of the submitted mascot design to CBS and FSA and he/she will relinquish all claims, rights (including moral rights) and benefits related to the display, modification, reproduction, publication, distribution, use, and other exploitations of the mascot design, other than the prize awarded to the winning submission.

(b) By submitting a mascot design, the participant thereby represents and warrants that:

 he/she is the designer of the mascot;

 the mascot design is an original and has not been published or submitted elsewhere;

 the mascot design does not infringe on any copyright or any other right of any third party;

 he/she owns the copyright to the submitted design free and clear of any claims or encumbrance.

(c) By participating in the competition, participants accept all competition rules and agree to abide by them.


Section 8(3) Copyright Act, 2014:

(3) The author may waive any of the moral rights mentioned in subsection (l), provided that such a waiver is in writing and clearly specifies the right or rights waived and the circumstances in which the waiver applies.

Section 22 Copyright Act, 2014:

(1) The economic rights in a work shall be assignable in whole or in part.

(2) An assignment of an economic right, and any exclusive license to do an act subject to authorisation by the author or other owner of copyright, shall be in writing signed by the assignor and the assignee, or by the licensor and the licensee.

(3) An assignment in whole or in part of any economic right, or a license to do an act subject to authorisation by the author or other owner of copyright, shall not include or be deemed to include the assignment or license of any other rights not explicitly referred to therein.