Scam Alert JFN Wealth Advisory Ltd - FSA/PW/01/2017

Scam Alert FSA/PW/01/2017


It has been brought to the attention of the Financial Services Authority Seychelles (‘FSA Seychelles’) that an entity by the name of JFN Wealth Advisory LTD is using a falsified licence certificate in order to conduct its business dealings. This forged license certificate shows the following details:

Register No: 199565/14

Company No: 150989

Type of licence: Investment Advisor Licence
Issued Date: 24th August, 2015

JFN Wealth Advisory Ltd does not hold a valid license of any type from the FSA Seychelles. The entity is not regulated by the FSA Seychelles, nor has it been in the past.
The FSA Seychelles urges investors and the public to exercise caution in respect of JFN Wealth Advisory LTD.

Financial Services Authority Reference: FSA/PW/01/2017

October 20th 2017

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